Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring food, or a cooler to Bluegrass Splash?
No outside food or beverages are permitted within the gates of the park, with the exception of bottled water, but Day Passes allow all-day admission, so guests can leave and return to the park within the same day to access outside food.
Accommodations will be made for guests with approved medical necessities following inspection, though the required food items will need to be stored in the office with other medical supplies. 
No coolers are allowed, so bottled water, formula or breast milk, and medically necessary items must be stored in another way. 
Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may be consumed or brought onto Bluegrass Splash property.
Can I bring my own inner tube or floaties?

Inner tubes are provided free of charge at Bluegrass Splash for the Lazy River and Hurricane Alley. We do not allow outside rafts or floats.  The only exceptions are USCG rated and approved. 

Can I reserve lounge chairs ahead of time?

No reservations will be taken to secure lounge chairs, picnic tables (not including the Celebration Station), or umbrella locations.

Individuals with a medical necessity to stay out of direct sunlight will be accommodated with proof of medical requirement. If you need medical accommodation, please call the day before your planned visit to inform our staff of your needs. 

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